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The Price of Building New Parking

How much will it cost to construct new parking spaces? Choosing whether to build a multistory garage, underground parking structure, or outdoor lot all play a factor in coming up

Coronavirus: Parking lots reopen at 27 California state parks

Parking lots are gradually starting to open up again at some of California’s state parks. Without an official announcement, the state started to slowly open parking lots at 27 parks

Top 10 Reasons to Shift to Sustainable Parking

Parking structures are responsible for one of the largest uses of land in cities and towns. The unfortunate fact of the matter, however, is that these structures are mostly inefficient

Prked: The App That Is Revolutionizing The Parking Industry

Have your ever found yourself endlessly circling the block in search of parking, hoping your’e not late to that huge meeting? Have you ever decided not to do something you

Tips for Success: How to be the Best Prked Host

At Prked, we are revolutionizing the way people park and reduce our carbon footprint. We want to empower people to use the resources available to them to make the world