Top 10 Reasons to Shift to Sustainable Parking


Parking structures are responsible for one of the largest uses of land in cities and towns. The unfortunate fact of the matter, however, is that these structures are mostly inefficient and environmentally unsustainable. In this age of global warming, a new form of parking is essential—one that takes into account people, the economy, and the environment. Developers are increasingly pressured to construct smaller, denser, and more energy efficient parking structures that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Many wonder why sustainable parking is important. Here are 10 reasons to adapt and switch to sustainable parking.

1. Sustainable Parking Saves Space

Compared to regular parking lots, sustainable parking saves space. Space gets maximized by lowering the number of empty spaces, machine parking usage, and using a lower amount of space per each vehicle. Parking cars can be done by machines rather than relying on human skills to optimize space.

2. Less frequent accidents

Sustainable parking lots lower the odds of getting into an accident. Additionally, they lower the odds a car being damaged while its parked. Returning to a car guaranteed to be the way it was left will be a favorite feature among drivers.

3. Cheaper

Compared to conventional parking, sustainable parking is cheaper, as it saves time and reduces wasted fuel costs because cars move more effectively towards their parking space. Sustainable technologies also feature lower maintenance costs for the lots.

4. Safer

Sustainable lots offer a lower risk for theft. Security is a paramount feature of sustainable parking.

5. Sustainable parking lots look better

Rather than uninteresting and plain, sustainable parking lots are aesthetically pleasing. Live plants and other beautiful greenery are used to ornament the structure and improve the air quality.

6. Energy Efficiency

Sustainable parking makes use of advanced technologies to increase energy efficiency. Lighting controls and sensors optimize energy use, while some parking structures make use of natural solar energy to attain energy efficiency. This can be via the installment of solar panels.

7. Better on the environment

In normal parking lots, drivers may drive for extended periods of time looking for a space, all the while emitting high amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. In sustainable parking lots, drivers find a space in as quickly as is possible. The greenery in the lots all perform the function of absorbing CO2, leading to cleaner and healthier environments.

8. Safer

At night, parking lots can be a dangerous place. But with lots of security measures and lighting, parking lots and garages can be safer. The safety of all people using the road is improved by sustainable parking structures.

9. More widely accessible

Handicapped drivers, special needs drivers, and cyclists can have a hard time at regular parking lots. Sustainable parking is more widely accessible to all of these classes of people. Cyclists and those with disabilities have spaces at the most convenient area of the lot.

10. Better driver experience

Well-lit and safe waiting areas, pick-up points, and drop-off points are utilized for the benefit of the driver’s experience and ease of use.

Parking is essential to any city. They are the most used outdoor spaces and facilitate access to buildings. It makes sense to design them with sensibility and care for the environment. Sustainable parking lots benefit for users, owners and society at large.

Prked is a sustainable parking solution that is easy to use and environmentally conscious. Connecting people with parking spots save them the hassle of finding a space. Urban parking is a problem, and Prked aims to solve it and protect the environment from drivers emitting carbon while driving around looking for spaces. Instead of building new lots altogether, Prked believes in sharing currently available parking lots. Call Prked today to schedule a demo.


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