Tips for Success: How to be the Best Prked Host


At Prked, we are revolutionizing the way people park and reduce our carbon footprint. We want to empower people to use the resources available to them to make the world a better place. These tips will help all of our Prked Hosts become successful micro-entrepreneurs and maximize their earning potential.

Verify Your Address

The safety and security of our users is our top priority, which is why we’ve implemented Address Verification. If you’re a Guest, it ensures that you’re always allowed to park in the space that you’ve booked. From the Hosting side, Address Verification makes sure no one can make money off of a space that isn’t theirs. So how do you know if your listing is verified? The answer is simple: from the Host Dashboard go to Manage Listings, if the listing has yet to be verified there will be icon and alert stating “This listing is not yet verified”, simply click that icon to begin the verification process.

Verification can be done in one of two ways. The quickest and easiest option is to scan your driver’s license right through the app. It’s 100% secure and we don’t store your information. Please note that this only works if the address on your license matches the address you are trying to list. If this is not the case for you, the second option is to verify it manually by chatting with one of our Customer Support Representatives. You will be asked to provide some sort of proof of ownership or residence at the address being listed (utility bill, lease contract, etc). Once your listing is verified, it will be active immediately and ready to start earning for you.

Keep Your Info Updated

Having a good Listing Description and clear Access Instructions is paramount to being a good Prked Host. Your Listing Description is the first thing Guests browsing for parking see, so make sure it really sells your space. If you can, try to be fun and informative. What makes your space special? Once you’ve written your Listing Description, focus on giving detailed Access Instructions. Remember, only Guests with an approved reservation can see your Access Instructions, so the more specific you can be, the better. Make it easy on them! Go step by step. After all, you want them to have a seamless parking experience and leave you a five-star review!

Add Photos

The default photo for every listing on Prked is a Google Maps image, but sometimes that image doesn’t give quite enough info and some locations don’t even offer a standard Google image. Add more photos for clarity. Now, look at the area around your parking space. Is there something physical you can tell Guests to look for in your Access Instructions? Add a photo of it! Imagine how much easier it will be for your Guests if they know that the space they’re looking for is the one closest to the tree, and then they see a picture of that tree! 

Keep Your Rates Competitive

Do you need a little something to make your first reservation happen? Try lowering your price until you get a few reviews. You don’t have to keep your listing at that price forever, but Guests are much more likely to park in a space with multiple five-star reviews than in one with no reviews. Once you get those first reservations, you can try bringing your price back up slightly. However, if you notice that your reservations slow down again, you may be charging a bit too much. Check around your neighborhood to see what your competition is charging, including other Prked spaces. Think about what you would pay to park in a space like yours. You can adjust your price at any time right from the app, so feel free to play around until you find the sweet spot. 

Engage With Your Guests

A great way to make your Guests feel comfortable with their reservation is to shoot them a quick message. Something as simple as, “Thanks for booking my space! Please message me with any questions!” can put potential Guests at ease and is a good way to get a five-star review. This way, Guests know that when they get to their parking space, everything will go exactly as planned. Remember, Prked is a brand new concept in the Parking Industry. Their reservation with you might be their first experience with peer-to-peer shared parking, so try and make it a good one! The better the experience your guest has, the more likely they are to leave a great review which in turn will boost your success as a Prked Host.

Follow these tips and you will find success hosting your space on Prked in no time. Stay on the lookout for more tips and updates to take your earnings on Prked to a whole new level.


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