Prked: The App That Is Revolutionizing The Parking Industry


Have your ever found yourself endlessly circling the block in search of parking, hoping your’e not late to that huge meeting? Have you ever decided not to do something you wanted to because you didn’t know where to park and didn’t want to risk getting a ticket? Or have you ever returned to your vehicle just to find out it was towed and you need to pay hundreds of dollars to get it back? If so, you are like the thousands of Prked users who are looking for a solution to the outdated Parking Industry.

Prked is a peer-to-peer shared parking marketplace that grants users access to thousands of privately owned parking spaces. As a Host, rent out your unused space to other users to provide yourself with a source of passive income. As a Guest, search through thousands of privately owned spaces and reserve which ever one best meets your needs in seconds.

The Parking Problem

There are thousands of unused available parking spaces around the country, the only problem is most of them are privately owned. Public parking fills up quickly and tends to overcharge guests. This leads to many commuters taking over 20 minutes to find parking and some are unable to find parking at all.

This time spent searching for parking also does a great deal of damage to the environment. About 30% of city traffic is caused by insufficient parking. And even more troubling, the search for parking causes over 4.2 million tons of CO2 emissions annually in Los Angeles alone.

Prked’s Solution

Prked is attacking the problem of parking by connecting people who are looking for parking with people who have parking to share. So far, Prked has unlocked over 2,000 private spaces near some of the most popular (and congested) areas of the country.

Prked makes it possible for drivers to find and book parking on demand. We’re helping to alleviate the stress and time wasted from searching for parking, while also reducing traffic and emissions in cities all over our country. Prked also allows individuals and businesses to easily monetize their parking spaces whenever they aren’t in use. Everybody wins!


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